Facebook's OpenCompute Data Center - Prineville, OR

I'll be heading up to Prineville, OR as soon as the weather clears enough to photograph another of Sheehan Partners Architecture's (www.sp-arch.com) recently completed buildings. This is a pretty exciting project for me because I will have full access to roam around one of the worlds most technologically advanced buildings. Sheehan Partners and Vitesse teamed up to build this data center for Facebook and its expected to receive a LEED Gold certification rating from the USGBC for it's groundbreaking design and overall energy efficiency.

Below are the digital renderings of the project provided by WWW.SP-ARCH.COM

Here is a YouTube video I found which gives you the inside scoop about Facebooks Open Compute server technology:

Stay tuned for an inside peek at this amazing facility.

to be continued..........

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Equinix SV5 Data Center: for Sheehan Partners Architecture

Sheehan Partners Architecture/SP-ARCH of Chicago along with other consultants on this project hired me to photograph the exterior and interior of their SV5 Data Center finished in November on 2010.

Here is an early digital rendering from the SP-ARCH website depicting an aerial view of the 125,000 square foot building.  

You'll notice that in the final design the once smooth black steel preform wall which house the generators adds to it a more pronounced staggered/ribbed pattern.

Here is a view from the roof looking west towards the Santa Cruz mountains. Only half of the roof is outfitted with cooling equipment as of yet.

The entrance to the building has been toned down in the final version by replacing the brightly colored teal blue and lime green paneling along the front wall with a more svelte looking brushed steel type paneling, reminiscent of the type of skin Frank Gehry uses to construct his buildings.

The inside of the SV5 Data Center glows a futuristic blue color which is an integral part of Equinix's branding. Here are two views of the interior conference rooms, mezzanine, and lounge. They even have a free arcade for guest or employees to use.

Whether you're downloading a video from YouTube, browsing a friends status on Facebook, or searching for some obscure factoid on Google chances are that the information you are accessing is coming to you via an Equinix Data Center.

With over 87 facilities around the globe in more than 11 countries, these giant electronic brains of information function synergistically to make it faster and more secure for information to get from point A to point B in the digital realm.  

After Google-ing and most likely accessing my search results from the very company I was searching I came across an interesting interview done by Forbes columnist Brian Caulfield with Equinix CEO Stephen Smith for a piece entitled,"The Internet's Most Connected Company" - click here to read the full story

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Renaissance Hotels - Stanford Court + Angel Taylor Event

I was commissioned by the Renaissance Hotel Group to photograph their Stanford Court Property in San Francisco recently and was offered the chance to photograph an event they would be hosting at the same time with Los Angeles singer/songwriter Angel Taylor. 

Of course I said yes and jumped at the opportunity to photograph the event as well. I was unfamiliar with Angel's music prior to hearing her live at the event, but instantly fell in love with her soulful voice and playful stage presence. 

The architectural images below are quite unique in that the art director for this shoot asked for all of the images to be taken with only natural light. Lending it's self to an almost editorial fashion rather than your typical perfectly lit, almost sterile and staged photos were used to seeing of high end hospitality projects.

This was a nice departure from the traditional way of shooting interiors and allowed us to capture much more variety and cover a lot more ground in a day of shooting. Here are a few photos from our shoot, enjoy!

The Angel Taylor Event

Angel and myself
Signing autographs
More fans
Listening from the bar
These guys enjoyed the show!
Angel and friend

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Kaiser Rejuve(n)ate project for TAYLOR published in HEALTHCARE DESIGN Magazine

TAYLOR based out of Newport Beach, California specializes in architectural planning and interior design for the medical community.  I was thrilled to find out I was selected to be TAYLOR's photographer for their Kaiser Rejuve(n)ate Cafe project located on Sunset strip in the heart of Los Angeles.  The chief architect for TAYLOR on this project was Harbans Ghatoade who was an absolute joy to work with. We both had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas and conceptualizing our approach for documenting this project.  Literally this once dull building you'd never think twice to look at was completely transformed by Ghatoade with his addition of a very unique glass fascade, which now brings a whole new life to the structure. This is by far the highlight of the building's new design and one project TAYLOR and I both should be very proud of being a part of.....and now I'm even more excited to find out that the images I shot for TAYLOR have been published in HEALTHCARE DESIGN MAGAZINE. Click here to read the article.


This is the June Issue with the Kaiser Rejuve(n)ate feature story I photographed for TAYLOR, click on the cover photo to the left to be be redirected to the article.

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